Burton Directing Timeline 

Bonham-Carter eyes in Burton films

Mark’s a type of actor I really like.He’s solid and there’s not a lot of bullshit about him. When you’re doing a film like this you need a person who can serve as an anchor, and Mark can do that.

- Tim Burton

The great thing about her is that, long before I met her, she had a full career. She’s also willing to do things that aren’t necessarily glamorous or attractive, and I admire her for that.

- Tim Burton

Planet of the Apes (2001)

I like challenges, and doing things that you know maybe you shouldn’t do. There is something about taking a classic movie that people love and then doing another version of that, you are setting yourself up for a mistake. I loved working with him and I would do that again, but I try not to think back in retrospect and say I shouldn’t have done this and I shouldn’t have done that. You make your decisions and you live by them. It made money. It got a critical drubbing, but every project that you do… I never sort of really regret anything. You make your choices and you stand by them.

- Tim Burton

(For some reason I always forget about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .-. just curious!)