Color Schemes of Dark Shadows (2012)

The Ladies of Dark Shadows (2012)

I’ve never seen a movie like this one; it’s like no other. It’s like five movies in one. It’s a comedy, it’s a romance, it’s got special effects, it’s got action, it’s got some horror elements of a kind. I think it’s got a lot of great things going for it.

- Richard Zanuck

Dark Shadows (2012)

Angelique has a love/hate relationship with Barnabas. She’s madly in love him. And he’s very attracted to her, too, but hates her. It’s very funny, very complicated.

- Eva Green

Tim Burton is such a poetic director. There’s something sad and beautiful about everything he does. He’s a genius. There’s no one like him.

- Eva Green

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Behind the Scenes of Dark Shadows (2012)


Dark Shadows character posters.